From Paris to the 6ix.


Crepes Lovers

Dreaming of a way to have French Crepes fresh made at your event?

Warm & ready to be savoured with any topping you’re craving?

Wake up because we’ve just arrived to your city and we’re here to make everyone in TO fall in love with the French touch.

Get ready for the Best French Crepes Catering Experience !

Love At First Taste

From Paris...


Menu à la carte

Our savoury crepes are gluten free.
Vegan & any other alternatives available upon request !

Savoury Crepes

  • La Traditionelle

    Ham, egg & cheese topped with french herbs (halal option)

  • La Raffinée

    Goat cheese, bacon & honey touch

  • La Forestière

    Chicken breast, mushrooms & sour cream

  • La Fraîcheur

    Smoked salmon, tartar sauce, garlic and herbs with a lemon squeeze

  • La Végétarienne

    Mozzarella burrata, salad, tomatoes & avocado with our homemade vinaigrette

Sweet Crepes

  • L'Originale

    Sugar & lemon

  • La Séduisante

    Nutella, strawberries slices macerated in lemon juice topped with almonds

  • La Gourmande

    Nutella, banana slices & almonds topped with whipped cream

  • La Fruitée

    Your choice of jam : Strawberry, apricot, raspberry or red berries

  • La Normande

    Apple compote, apple slices & cinnamon


  • Frozen Lemonade

    Homemade frozen lemonade made with fresh mint, simple syrup, lime & lemon juice mixed in ice

  • O'frenchy Smoothie

    Healthy smoothie made with a choice of fresh fruits, ice cream & crushed ice mixed with organic milk

  • Fresh Juices

    Choice of Fresh fruits pressed : Oranges, strawberries, red berries, pineapples or kiwis mixed in ice

  • Virgin Mojito

    Fresh mint leaves, lime juice, simple syrup and soda water


  • Sweet or Savoury

    Included 2 crepes per person

  • Sweet or Savoury + Beverages

    Included 2 crepes per person + 1 drink of your choice

  • Sweet And Savoury + Beverages

    Included 1 sweet crepe + 1 savoury crepe per person + 1 drink of your choice

  • All you can Eat & Drink

    Enough food & drink for the duration of your event

Private & Corporate Events​ the 6ix​


 O’Frenchy Team

When O’Frenchy caters your event, it is truly a special experience. Not only our Galettes & Crepes are delicious and fun food to serve at any party, but the whole process of crepes-making is very entertaining to adults and children alike. No matter what private event you are hosting, we will make sure the experience is unforgettable!

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